Bucks County Children’s Museum


Bucks County Children’s Museum                          New Hope, Bucks County

Have you been to The Bucks County Children’s Museum?  It is pretty fun, and ever-changing. So if you haven’t been there lately, take another trip. They are contantly adding to the fun, interactive and educational exhibits.  The New Hope Ivyland Railroad is a 5 minute walk (toddler walk) and there are plenty of places to eat in New Hope.  (Triumph has some pretty great kids dishes)  

The Bucks County Children’s Museum is an idea a local elementary and special education teacher had dreamed of for many years. While raising three children in Bucks County, she experienced the rich history and culture of the area. With the idea of raising awareness and a “sense of place”, she wanted to find a way to educate other young families about the uniqueness of the county while preserving its history and beauty. Combining Bucks County history with fun hands-on learning experiences for families to share in evolved, and she began to present this exciting idea to the community.

This vision was shared with various parent groups, educational foundations and community leaders who received it with great enthusiasm. Based on this support, feasibility data was researched, an advisory committee was established, and the museum was incorporated as a non-profit charity in August 2006.

contact: 215.693.1290

address: Bucks County Children’s Museum 500 Union Square, New Hope, Bucks County

website:  http://www.buckskids.org/

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