Kids Castle in Central Park  Doylestown, Bucks County


Kids Castle at Central Park   Doylestown, Bucks County

Gosh we Love Kids Castle!  It is a terrific place for kiddos AND parents.  What we love?  Tons!

The Castle is fenced in. Yep, that is awesome. No one is getting in or getting out other than the main entrance.

There is plenty to do, so the kids never get bored! If they get tired of climbing the inside of the castle, they can play on the swings, rockwall and more OUTSIDE the castle (but still in fenced in areea.

Best. Hide. And. Seek. Place. Ever.

The entire castle is surrounded by sand. . so bring the shovels and buckets. Also, swings and smaller towers and bridges surround the giant castle for the smaller kiddos.

Pavillions & picnic tables just outside the fence are perfect for Birthday parties or large groups who want to meet for lunch or dinner!

Hours of fun for kids of all ages.  Definitely more intense for parents of younger children, because you have to follow them through the castle ( on your hands and knees) but it is super fun. Consider it a workout.

Central Park includes:

  • 5 Tennis Courts with coin operated lighting
  • 2 Basketball Courts with coin operated lighting
  • 1 Volleyball Court
  • 1 Tot Lot Play area
  • 3 Soccer Fields, A1 Golf Link (135-150yards)
  • 1 Picnic Pavilion (reservations are made through Doylestown Township Administration)
  • 1 Amphitheater
  • 1.5 Miles Biking/Hiking/Jogging Trails
  • Kids’ Castle
  • 21 station Health Check donated by Doylestown Hospital restroom, ah so great!

 Stay up to date at the Kid’s Castle Facebook Page!

contact: (215) 348-9915

address: Central Park 452 Wells Road, Doylestown, Bucks County



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