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Field Day Birthday Party

Remember the excitement of Field Day?  The school breaks up into two teams, donning the school colors and all day long the kids compete in games to win points and of course, eventually rule the school.  (insert wicked laugh)

Why not a birthday party with a Field Day Theme? This is great for boys and girls alike!

Disney's Frozen Party Theme

Frozen is trending!  So let's have a party!

There are a hundred ways to have a super expensive, high maintenance "Frozen" themed party.  

  1. Hire Anna and Elsa Look-alikes to visit and schmooze with the kiddos. 
  2. Hire a baker to create an elaborately decorated cake with blizzard drinks and  cupcakes to take home.
  3. Take the party to see Disney on Ice with Anna and Elsa
  4. Rent out a space and have a ball where kids dance and learn how to "dance like a chicken with the face of a monkey."