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We update the site everyday. . . so the information is always up-to-date!

Why do we do it?


Our mission is to make it easy for families to spend time with their kids. The more time kids spend with the people who love them, the better off they are. And in the end, the world is a better place.

It is what we believe and we are sticking to it!

Have you visited our Sister Sites? is our flagship site. It was our first. Our eldest, if you will. We learned with (translation: made a TON of mistakes) and when it was running pretty well, we decided to launch

We had no idea how hard it would be with two! In a lot of ways, was less stressful, but it definitely wasn't easy. We made less mistakes, but struggled with the addition. Two is much more work than one.

Our next step was going to be just Delaware, but as with anything planned... well, suprise... THREE! Yes, we are currently launching three sites. I know, we are crazy.

But we figured, hey, people are asking for it.  We ought to answer the call!


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