Family Fun in PA  Things to see and Do In Pennsylvania

Mother's Day Special May 13 Honesdale

Mother's Day Special Train    May 13, 2017  Excursions Honesdale, Wayne County

Make your Mother’s Day a “weekend” celebration. Take a train ride the full length of the railroad to Lackawaxen & back on this special day. Enjoy this time with your family or friends for a memorable excursion along the scenic Lackawaxen River.

Pioneer Tunnel Coal Mine Train Ride April - Oct 2017 Ashland

Pioneer Tunnel Coal Mine & Train Ride   April - October 2017   Ashland, Schuylkill County

This looks really cool. . . and super educational. The Pioneer Tunnel is a horizontal drift mine. Its level tunnel runs 1800 feet straight into the side of the Mahanoy Mountain. You make the trip iin open mine cars pulled by a battery-operated mine motor. AHHHH! The mine is inspected daily by the mine's foreman and periodically by state mine inspectors. 

New Hope & Ivyland Railroad New Hope

New Hope & Ivyland Railroad    New Hope, Bucks County

We love the New Hope & Ivyland Railroad.  What kid doesn't love a train ride?  Kids are excited to be on the train and parents relax as you travel through the rolling hills and valleys of historic Bucks County, Pennsylvania, and experience first hand the sights, sounds and romance of the Golden Era of Steam Railroading.  Make a day of it and hit the Bucks County Children's Museum next door. You don't even have to move the car!

A Day on the Train & Lunch

A Day on the Train, Septa that is. Chestnut Hill, Center City, Yardley, Doylestown

Kids love trains. Need a day Trip?  Take your kiddo on the train.  Now there are any number of places to go, but if you want a short manage day Trip, why not a trip to a local town, one you already know?  

Air Heritage Museum Beaver Falls

Air Heritage Museum & Aircraft Restoration Facility   Beaver Falls, Beaver County

Visit Air Heritage Museum and allow aircraft from the past to guide you through the rich history of flight. Images of wings, beating propellers and blaring radial engines send some visitors reeling into memories of challenges bravely met in the past, while others are able to admire the acts that have led to today's flight technology.  Kids can actually touch the planes while learning about their impact on our nation's history. Oh, and there are 4 air shows each year.  Check the website below and click events.

Piper Aviation Museum Lock Haven

Piper Aviation Museum   Lock Haven, Clinton County

The fascination with airplanes begins when children are just itty bitty. My 14 month old is always telling me "up", "aeeeh plane." Piper Aviation Museum is a fun, educational place for you to learn about planes and the first ones invented and also experience the exciting adventures of past flyers and their stories. Witness the beauty and science of flight and take a journey through time with the Piper Aviation!

Northlandz Train & Doll Museum Flemington, NJ

Northlandz   Flemington, New Jersey

Want to see something unique?

How about the World's Largest Model Railroad (self proclaimed, but I don't see many doubters). Kiddos can see over 100 trains roam eight miles of track over hundreds of bridges (made of millions of tiny pieces of wood), amid more than 4,000 buildings and a half-million lichen trees. And we have a coupon!

Mifflinburg Buggy Museum April - Oct 2016 Mifflinburg

Mifflinburg Buggy Museum  April - October 2016  Mifflinburg, Union County

From 1883 to 1920, William A. Heiss operated a successful buggy making business. As the demand for automobiles grew, the demand for horse-drawn vehicles declined. We invite you to step back in time and visit with the Heiss family . . . take a virtual tour or come to the museum and experience Buggy Town in person.