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Spa Hacks You Can Try at Home by Amy Williams

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Spa Hacks You Can Tray at Home  by Amy Williams

A trip to the spa might seem like an indulgence, costing a lot of money to pamper yourself. However, there are a lot of spa treatments that have extremely positive benefits in the long term, incluDING perks FOR your skin, hair, and even your attitude!  There are really great techniques that accomplish these improvements, but if you can’t fit the spa into your budget, never fear!

College Saving Plan for your Child's Future

College Savings
A college education is one of the best investments you can make for your child's future. But the high cost of college may alarm you -- especially if you've waited too long to begin saving. For example, a Coverdell Education Savings Account (formerly referred to as the Education IRA), with its annual contribution limit of $2,000, won't offer much help if your child is already in high school. And prepaid tuition plans are attractive, but only if your child is willing to attend a school that participates in the plan.

Easter Story Cookies

Easter Story Cookies
This yummy cookie recipe can also function as a lesson; it’s full of symbolism for the Resurrection. The capper: when you open the oven the next morning, the cookies are hollow, just like Jesus’ tomb on Easter! This recipe was written by Sandy Coughlin of .

Crayon Play Dough

Crayon Play Dough
I love crayons. I love play dough. My kids are teenagers now and don’t care about either of these things, so I’ll make this for my own enjoyment! It’s a great way to use up all those neglected, broken crayons.

Easter Ticket Sales for Jersey NJ Boardwalks

Spring Ticket Sales for NJ Boardwalk Rides in Ocean City and Wildwood

New Jersey is a Summer Beach Destination for tons of families in Pennsylvania. And part of the summer vacation agenda is the boardwalk, which means Kohr Brothers soft serve, Mack N Manco Pizza, Jilly's Arcade and of course rides. Always rides!

Keeping up with Change By Jennifer Eckfield

by Jennifer Eckfield

So yesterday I had the pleasure of listening to a presentation about aligning your finances with your values. It was all about investing your money to make money, but where we invest is also dictated by our beliefs, social responsibilities, and moral compass. It got me thinking, financial advisors are tailoring investments for their clients based on these things, shouldn't business owners be tailoring their marketing and promotional strategies as well?