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Teach Kids the Power of Protein By Kerry Alison Wekelo

Teach Kids the Power of Protein

By Kerry Alison Wekelo

I was a closet sugar addict until my beloved, witty, holistic acupuncturist called me out on my sugar intake. Because he uses Ayurveda (the science of life), as part of his intake process, he can read my tongue for clues about how my eating is impacting my body. One day, he looked at my tongue and asked, “So, how is your sugar intake?”

Educate to Empower Healthy Eating By Kerry Alison Wekelo

How to Educate to Empower Kids to Eat Healthy (3 E's)

By Kerry Wekelo

If It Does Not Grow, Say No – Eatable Activities for Kids is a great teaching tool for adults supporting children in learning about healthy eating. Using this book with my own and other’s kids has helped me empower them to choose fruits and vegetables more often, even trying some they have never eaten before. Teaching about healthy eating doesn’t have to be complicated; you can keep it super simple (KISS) with the following three E’s:

Kids and Mobile Phones By Karen Campbell McGinn

Kids and Mobile Phones: 4 Ways to Keep them Safe

By Karen Campbell McGinn

“I can’t believe Jenny is old enough for a cell phone already. I’m scared. How do I keep her safe? Am I worrying too much?” This is the frantic question a young mom of one of my students asked me last week. I calmly reassured her she is not worrying too much.

The 6 Best Audiobooks for a Road Trip By Karen Campbell McGinn

The 6 Best Audiobooks for Your Family Road Trip

By Karen Campbell McGinn

Family road trips are an essential part of the summer. The open highway, picnics, and curated playlists are most parents’ favorite things. Car sing-a-longs, license plate Bingo, DVDs and ‘I Spy” are a few ways to make a long journey tolerable; but sometimes it’s necessary to do something different and put on a good audiobook.

Father's Day Craft By Jenny Kusters

A Father's Day Craft

by Jenny Kusters, Blogger for "Habitat at Home" --

This was the first time I've worked with clay since I can remember, and it was so fulfilling! The feeling of using your hands to mold clay, just can't be beat. The world is your oyster with the things you can create. Plus, there are so many easy clays to work with, right out of your home. No need for a kiln.