Don't Forget to Breathe By Kerry Alison Wekelo

by Kerry Alison Wekelo

Before you read any further, pause and notice how you are breathing.

Are you taking little sips of air, or do you fill your lungs up with deep breaths? Are your chest and belly tight or relaxed? Are you breathing fast or slow... or barely at all? You might be surprised to find that your breathing was tight or you were actually holding your breath

7 Tips for Raising Kind, Compassionate, and Mindful Kids By Kerry Alison Wekelo

by Kerry Alison Wekelo

Both of my kids know by now that I expect them to get perfect marks on their school report cards. Well, at least on one particular section, that is: the “Life, Work, and Citizenship Skills” section. This wonderful section is all about their behavior, the actions they take in relation to themselves and others. For example, categories include: 1.) Takes responsibility for actions 2.) Demonstrates active listening skills 3.) Resolves conflict effectively 4.) Is a respectful and contributing participant in school and 5.) Demonstrates self-control.

20 Easy April Fool's Day Ideas By Jenny Kusters

by Jenny Kusters, Blogger for "Habitat at Home" --

April Fools Day. Who can think of anything funny enough, honestly? We mull it over for five minutes and give up on the concept. There are far more pressing matters to worry about. Our busy lives, filled with the usual rat race of things to do. We've gotten so speedy now, that experts are telling us to be more mindful.

Let The Children Play - Why Our Kids Need to Engage with Nature By Kerry Alison Wekelo

by Kerry Alison Wekelo

I grew up on a farm along the river in the Shenandoah Valley, where I spent countless hours in nature walking the vast fields, often making mud pies and daydreaming. One of my fondest memories is of a foal’s birth across the fence in our front yard. I recall the gentle hustle to reunite the damp, shaky foal with her mother. We didn’t want to interrupt this precious moment, yet we wanted to ensure that baby and mother peacefully found their way back together.

Confessions of a Real Mom By Jillian Perry Reese

by Jilliian Perry Reese

I watched the movie Bad Moms recently. Ironically, it was the same day I took my daughter to the doctor for an injured leg. The irony? I had made her wait a full week before I took her in. Turns out there was a fracture. Walking on it was making it worse. I made her play soccer. Yep, I'm "Mother of the Year."

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It's Hard Work

The thing is, I really didn't feel that bad. I mean, I felt bad her leg was hurt. But not that I made her wait. This mom stuff is hard work. Aside from the fact that you’re not given an instruction manual, medical school training is not required. Or a degree in psychology. Or cooking lessons, training in mediation or experience on a debate team. There's just so much to know. And sometimes, I just don't know it.

6 Ways to Escape Winter Weather

6 Ways to Escape Winter Weather without leaving Pennsylvania

Baby, it's cold outside! Winter has arrived in Pennsylvania. The ski resorts are happy, and there are a lot of fun outdoor activities you can enjoy in the snow. HOWEVER, if you are looking for a way to have fun without bundling up and heading to the great outdoors, here are a few ideas of ways to warm up while having a good time with your kids.

7 ways to Celebrate Women's History Month

March is Women's History Month!

Grandmothers, Mothers, Daughters, Aunts, Cousins, Friends.   We are all in this together. Let's celebrate our achievement. Learn from our struggles. And pass the torch proudly to those who follow.  Here are 7 ways to Celebrate Women's History Month in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.