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No Crying in Baseball? By Jennifer Eckfield

No Crying in Baseball?

by Jennifer Eckfield

Last night I attended the annual scholarship awards dinner. Each year the CBCC's Women in Business committee works tirelessly to raise money to award courageous women scholarships to further their education.

These women have faced adversities that I cannot imagine. They work and go to school full time, care for their children, and then stay up into the wee hours of the morning studying to make their grades. I know I am a work-horse, but do I have the fortitude to do something like this?  I had the honor of sitting in a room with one hundred accomplished, mission-driven, seasoned, smart, funny, beautiful, and philanthropic women. There is not even a word that can come close to describe what I feel in a situation like this. When I opened my business I joined the Central Bucks Chamber of Commerce. In the beginning I thought it was just a smart move for my business, little did I know that it would become the best thing I have ever done for myself as well.

The society of women is a tough one. I am a true believer that the journey of self is the most difficult for women, especially in our twenties. As we mature, and IF we are lucky to have a few good mentors along the way, we continue to evolve and grow. Throughout our entire lives we are conditioned with this idea that we need to be perfect. I'm not sure how this happens, but the majority of women I know or meet are incredibly hard on themselves, me included. 

When I attend events such as this one, I am thankfully reminded of a few things: No one is expecting you to be perfect, asking for help does not mean you are failing at something, we all need people to lean on, no one arrives to where they want to be without the aid of others, we should never stop trying to be better, always mentor others and give back, surround yourself with people that build you up not tear your down, and sometimes...

"There is crying in baseball"!


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Jennifer Eckfield    Mother. Entrepreneur. Business Owner.  

"It’s all about the hustle, stay humble but always hustle. Put yourself out there. Don’t fall in love with your own ideas. Constantly learn new things {from others} and apply them to your life. Don’t worry about failing, it’s better to try. Lastly above anything else it is all about the CUSTOMER SERVICE!"

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