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Paper Name Garland By Jenny Kusters

by Jenny Kusters, Blogger for "Habitat at Home" --

While I was browsing around the craft store the other day, (looking for supplies for another project), I stumbled across this darling scrapbook paper. The designs were so eye-catching, I couldn't resist buying it. I knew I would find something to do with it...

Crayon Play Dough

Crayon Play Dough
I love crayons. I love play dough. My kids are teenagers now and don’t care about either of these things, so I’ll make this for my own enjoyment! It’s a great way to use up all those neglected, broken crayons.

Make your own Oobleck!

Make your own Oobleck!
You can make the Oobleck from Dr. Seuss’ Bartholomew and the Oobleck! This little chemistry experiment is very easy, and although Oobleck is a little messy, it’s tons of fun! Of course, reading the book before or after making your Oobleck would add a lot to the experience!

Flamingo Valentine for Kids

Flamingo Valentine

I must admit, I never considered a flamingo as a symbol of love, but this craft is sure to win hearts! Have fun with your child making one for the teacher, or a flock of them for the whole class!

Top 4: Valentine's Day Crafts for Kids

Flamingo Valentine

Top 4 Valentine's Day Crafts

Valentine's Day is next week, and you have the weekend to Craft Away!  Don't buy, make something!  We've chosen our 4 favorite Valentine's Day Crafts for family fun this weekend.. Click on each link for instructions!

Paper Plate Thanksgiving Pilgrim

paper plate pilgrim

Paper Plate Thanksgiving Pilgrim
We love Thanksgiving... and we LOVE the crafts for the Centerpiece!  Why not gather the materials needed for this adorable craft and have them ready for your little ones to do while Thanksgiving dinner is being prepared? We all know how impatient they can get to eat, especially with all the wonderful aromas. Once made, share the story of the first Thanksgiving!

Flashlight Shadows Craft

Flashlight Shadows

Flashlight Shadows Craft Project from Crayola Experience

Thank you to Crayola Experience for sending us this fun art project for kids! Who do you spy at your party?  What could be more fun than making flashlight shadows with your friends? Make one-of-a-kind, wild patterns and designs for even more flashlight fun!

Peek-Inside Christmas Card Craft

Christmas Card Craft from Crayola Experience

Peek-Inside Christmas Card Craft from Crayola Experience

Thank you to Crayola Experience for sending us this fun art project for kids! Making greeting cards can be "snow" much fun! Make unique peek-inside cards to send to family and friends for any holiday!