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Know Your Audience By Jennifer Eckfield

by Jennifer Eckfield

Today I had a mom come to me with a concern regarding her son and another child. The situation is harmless but she is worried her child will act out, not knowing any better.  Going back to the conversation of "too soon", we talked about how to teach your kids tolerance; tolerance for those that have super powers, especially at such a young age?

Does My Child Need a Tutor? By Karen Campbell McGinn

by Karen Campbell McGinn

One of your kids is sinking fast in a jumble of elementary reading rules. The other one is getting lost in a haze of the details of an AP biology class. Progress reports are not looking good. You feel you need help quickly before they fall hopelessly behind their peers. But you’re not sure what to do or who to turn to.

The Joy of Dating as a MOM By Jillian Perry Reese

by Jilliian Perry Reese

Of the many joys of divorce, dating is probably one of the most joyous. (She says, sarcastically.) There are many "experts" out there to tell you the right way to do it.

Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as following a few suggested steps.  The reality is, it’s complicated.

Work Ethic & the Rainbow Unicorn By Jennifer Eckfield

by Jennifer Eckfield

Work ethic...I love the women I work with and I have an amazing team that surrounds me. They are the reason my business is successful and it is flourishing. In the last three years I have had an arsenal of people that have "had my back" and have shown me what commitment and loyalty look like.

But there are some days, like today, when you have that person(s) that knock(s) you off kilter and make you question things.

Divorce and What’s Right for the Kids

Divorce and What's Right for the Kids
by Jilliian Perry Reese

It’s been said over and over again. "You shouldn't stay together for the sake of the kids." I even believed it once. That was before I got divorced. Before I saw what it meant to have truly unhappy children                                                                 .

Teaching Kids Care & Kindness By Jennifer Eckfield

by Jennifer Eckfield

OK, so let's start with care and kindness. It sounds so simple but it's not! It's a learned behavior. There is one phrase you will never hear me say or my teachers, or any parent, for that matter: "You should know better". I know adults that don't "know better" so why should kids??? It is OUR job to TEACH them "better"!

Great Teaching is an Art By Jennifer Eckfield

by Jennifer Eckfield

The beginning of The Learning Experience Doylestown and Miss Jenny!

Great teaching is an art. Great art relies on the mastery and application of foundational skills, learned individually through diligent study.

Throughout my career I have worked as a teacher, mentor, and