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20 Ideas for Your Summertime Bucket List

20 Ideas for Your Summertime Bucket List
by Karen Campbell McGinn

Summertime is a great time for you and your family to relax. But try to tell that to your kids who will be screaming “I’m bored!” within the next two weeks. All parents want every summer to be more memorable than the previous one. All that is required are a few new, simple ideas.

Grit By Jennifer Eckfield

by Jennifer Eckfield

Grit: Courage and resolve; strength of character.

Words are powerful. I love some, more than others; grit being one of them. I was often told by my mother that I was difficult, stubborn, and (her favorite) impossible. To her I was, but all of those adjectives she used to describe me have served me well in my life: head-strong, passionate, mission-driven, tenacious, stead-fast.

I had trouble as a child in elementary school. I was bossy (leader), a tom-boy (athletic), and popular (charming). No matter what age, pack-mentality exists. It only took one girlfriend to decide that I was the enemy and the next day I woke up and had no friends. From that day forward I was taunted and harassed. That year and the next were very hard.SayNoToBullyingLogo1

The following year I was headed to Junior High School. As if being an adolescent isn't hard enough; hormones raging, acne, the need for social acceptance, and biological development, "Tweens" are all over the place. I had to learn fast, the very hard way, to hold my head up high, I call it the "never let them see you sweat" look, and carry on with my daily activities. When I describe that period, I remember it as being emotionally tortured. I cannot even imagine what it must be like for kids today with all of the social media sites, as well as cell phones. I had none of that growing up. No wonder it is so dangerous.

That year, I made a few new friends, best friends, and things got better, by seventh grade. I suppose some people realized the stupidity of their actions because I received a dozen hand written apology letters from those that unfriended me ,and we carried on as friends throughout high school.

Bullying changed the trajectory of who I became. On the outside I seemed confident, but in reality I was scared to death that I would lose all my friends again, so I became your "yes" woman. I never said no to anything... we call that a "PEOPLE-PLEASER". I spent most of my time filled with anxiety and worry, Will they like me? Is she mad at me? Did I do something wrong? She didn't say hello to me? I would shut down and then suck everything down and fester on it (a trait, mind you, that I am STILL currently trying to fix). It was crazy, I could no longer think for myself, let alone make decisions that I wanted to make.

It's funny how behaviors are learned. I went from this cute, funny, happy child to this anxiety-ridden, frightened, people-pleaser. What a mess. It has taken me years of understanding, soul-searching, education, and emotional intelligence to arrive to where I am in life. My journey continues, but at 46, I confidently say I am so happy of the person I have become and I look forward to the person I will continue to be.

I no longer make excuses for my behavior, nor do I blame others. I take accountability for my actions, and I wake up trying to change the world one person at a time. I have learned that I am not for everyone, I have a very strong personality. I am OK with this. I will continue to "do me" no matter what.

For whatever reasons this had been my course. Bullying is real, it is life-changing, and it is dangerous. Please treat people with care and kindness. Please teach your children to be authentic; they don't need to "fit in"! Teach them that different is good and NOT LESS! Please remember that your children are ALWAYS watching and listening and learning to model your behavior. Make good choices. As parents, we know, there is no handbook, no parent is perfect.

June 11th is the "No Bullying Run" in Doylestown Central Park. Please consider joining TEAM TLE Doylestown/Warminster to support a great cause. Please visit it the following link to sign up:

TEAM TLE Doylestown/Warminster


Jennifer Steinburg Eckfield Mother Entrepreneur Business Owner The Learning Experience Doylestown Warminster  Bucks County MOm

Jennifer Eckfield    Mother. Entrepreneur. Business Owner.  

"It’s all about the hustle, stay humble but always hustle. Put yourself out there. Don’t fall in love with your own ideas. Constantly learn new things {from others} and apply them to your life. Don’t worry about failing, it’s better to try. Lastly above anything else it is all about the CUSTOMER SERVICE!"

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Raising Your Child to be a Reader By Karen Campbell McGinn

by Karen Campbell McGinn

“How can I help my kid become a reader?” This is a question I hear from the parents of every child I tutor. These concerned parents want their kids to become lifelong readers, but they just don’t know how. I reassure them that the reading battle is not lost; we just need to formulate our strategy so we can win the reading war.

Know Your Audience By Jennifer Eckfield

by Jennifer Eckfield

Today I had a mom come to me with a concern regarding her son and another child. The situation is harmless but she is worried her child will act out, not knowing any better.  Going back to the conversation of "too soon", we talked about how to teach your kids tolerance; tolerance for those that have super powers, especially at such a young age?

Does My Child Need a Tutor? By Karen Campbell McGinn

by Karen Campbell McGinn

One of your kids is sinking fast in a jumble of elementary reading rules. The other one is getting lost in a haze of the details of an AP biology class. Progress reports are not looking good. You feel you need help quickly before they fall hopelessly behind their peers. But you’re not sure what to do or who to turn to.

The Joy of Dating as a MOM By Jillian Perry Reese

by Jilliian Perry Reese

Of the many joys of divorce, dating is probably one of the most joyous. (She says, sarcastically.) There are many "experts" out there to tell you the right way to do it.

Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as following a few suggested steps.  The reality is, it’s complicated.

Work Ethic & the Rainbow Unicorn By Jennifer Eckfield

by Jennifer Eckfield

Work ethic...I love the women I work with and I have an amazing team that surrounds me. They are the reason my business is successful and it is flourishing. In the last three years I have had an arsenal of people that have "had my back" and have shown me what commitment and loyalty look like.

But there are some days, like today, when you have that person(s) that knock(s) you off kilter and make you question things.