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Kids and Mobile Phones By Karen Campbell McGinn

Kids and Mobile Phones: 4 Ways to Keep them Safe

By Karen Campbell McGinn

“I can’t believe Jenny is old enough for a cell phone already. I’m scared. How do I keep her safe? Am I worrying too much?” This is the frantic question a young mom of one of my students asked me last week. I calmly reassured her she is not worrying too much.

The 6 Best Audiobooks for a Road Trip By Karen Campbell McGinn

The 6 Best Audiobooks for Your Family Road Trip

By Karen Campbell McGinn

Family road trips are an essential part of the summer. The open highway, picnics, and curated playlists are most parents’ favorite things. Car sing-a-longs, license plate Bingo, DVDs and ‘I Spy” are a few ways to make a long journey tolerable; but sometimes it’s necessary to do something different and put on a good audiobook.

5 Tips to Get Better at Understanding People By Kerry Alison Wekelo

by Kerry Alison Wekelo

Understanding takes form in all of our relationships. I have been through a divorce and was very focused on being friends with my ex- husband. As a result, we are now very close and a great team for our kids. Professionally, I am in Human Resources and teach yoga, so I deal with different personalities. I have learned that, by taking a little time to understand a situation rather than reacting right away, we can add much peace to all our relationships.

Exploring the Great Outdoors with your Children By Karen Campbell McGinn

by Karen Campbell McGinn

Children are natural explorers. They use all their senses when they’re involved in searching for buried treasure, unusual rocks and creepy critters. They look, listen and touch to determine what is happening around them. They smell the fresh scents of nature, touch what they can reach and taste when given permission. They can climb, dig, run and jump as they discover new places.

Helping Sibling Rivarly By Kerry Alison Wekelo

by Kerry Alison Wekelo

Raising mindful, loving, and kind children is a parent’s wish. A day in the life of parents is one of selflessness in which our kids come first. We strive to be patient as they bicker, fight, question our requests, and negotiate chores. Parenthood is much harder than I ever imagined even being a spiritual and mostly grounded individual.

5 Things You Didn't Know about Little Golden Books By Karen Campbell McGinn

by Karen Campbell McGinn

Over the past 75 years, millions of children have grown up reading Little Golden Books, a vibrantly colored children’s book series that featured intrepid locomotives, slow moving puppies, and other adorable characters. This year, Little Golden Books will celebrate its 75 birthday! In honor of this historic occasion, here are some little known facts about this beloved franchise with their golden spines.