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familyfuninpa is Looking for Junior Journalists

Does your kiddo want to be a journalist when they grow up? 

Time to get started!  familyfuninpa and 4KidsinNJ are looking for Junior Journalists! We will feature a review or straight up news article penned by your very own kiddo!  

Kids can submit a review or news article, 1500 words and 2-4 photos, complete with their Name or "Nom de Plume".

Topic examples:

  • Museum, Science Center Aquarium Review and Opinion 
  • Theater, entertainment or show review and opinion
  • Event review. It can be a Fair, Festival, Fireworks, a hayride or other.
  • Hot Topics in Technology, Current Events, Education or Sports. (family or kid themed)
  • Craft: What You Need, Directions and some photos of the process.
  • Recipe: What You Need, Directions and some photos of the process.

Tips on writing:

  1. Write a catchy intro. One or two sentences at most. Something that gets the audience's attention.
  2. Set the stage.  Give enough information about the place, event or topic so YOU and the AUDIENCE reading are starting at the same place. 3- 5 sentences
  3. Write the Body.  This is 3-5 paragraphs (3-5 sentences each) that explain the process or details of the event or exhibits of the museum.  Throughout, give your opinon and let people know what you think.
  4. Closing.  Sum up your process or review or exhibits and let the audience know what YOU think!

Things to remember.

We will read the submission, and publish it straight away.  We will send you a link so you can send your friends to read your article...and keep the link for your resume!  

Note, we reserve the right to make edits as necessary.

Questions? email  Karen  at and make the Subject: "Junior Journalists"